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QB Networks is the head center for Masscollabs Services and its subprojects for the strategical decision making, Ai development and more...

Masscollabs Services

We Masscollabs Services is leading to Software, Hardware and Science for the Internet Cyberspace with our own consciousness.
We have our own roadmap and which is why we say we are a Free Software project.
This is an open way to software and open infrastructures ...

What is Free Software ?
The beginning

I found myself looking at "Open Source" and "Operating System" articles on the Turkish Wikipedia on the Internet. I had wondered about the operating systems before, during the period of the first "gaming computers", like Commmodore-like devices. However, when I started working in the Microsoft department, I had the opportunity to examine this in detail.

On December 22, 2017, I quit my job and started my own project. I took Masscollabs Services name from GNU, the GNU Free Software project, which is a mass collaboration project...

Now I have the opportunity to focus on more detailed technical issues. I organize trainings and I am about to get concrete outputs about the projects.

If you are looking for collaborative development, join us and experience the freedom advantage that Free Software brings. Because freedom cannot be exchanged for money in any way.

First freedom and first cooperation and now let's share the software!...

Mert Gör(mertgor and hwpplayer1 on the cyberspace) as the founder of Masscollabs Services

What We Do

We provide Free Software training and cloud services including lab environments, for individuals, communities, companies, and non-government or government organizations.

Masscollabs Services Shop

Please see our shop page https://shop.masscollabs.xyz/ for more information and requesting services.

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